Extra Curricular

Extracurricular activities are regarded as ongoing activities that aim at providing opportunities to improve on the areas of the students’ interests. Therefore, while these opportunities address a range of interest to the students, the number of activities is kept to a minimum so the school can provide a more specialized education. Here are some examples of what the secondary students have been offered:

The Secondary School After School Program is designed to provide quality training in a variety of well-structured activities. The goal is to balance a challenging academic program with opportunities for self-exploration. Some of the ASPs at the Secondary Level are:

Study SkillsRoboticsSoccerGraphics Design
3D Design & PrintingBasketballVolleyballChess Club
Model United NationsProgrammingSchool BandRunning Club

As a school that believes in the holistic development of its students, Horizon has implemented a number of extra-curricular programmes around our community. We have established exchange activities with neighbouring schools to enhance students’ development, socially and culturally. We are able to offer these types of programmes to Horizon students because we have built solid relations with the surrounding community.

Private Schools

Horizon runs exchange activities with a neighbouring private school where the members of both communities get to explore and learn about each other. The two schools have participated in:

Japanese Tea Ceremony
School Camps
Japanese Calligraphy
International Festivals
Japanese Language Classes
Japanese Flower Arrangement
English Language Classes
English Summer School

Public Schools
Horizon also runs exchange activities, with public high schools in the area. Our students have participated in the following club active activities, while enjoying a multilingual setting:


As part of the extracurricular program, HJIS offers Saturday classes for primary and secondary students. The aim of Saturday School is to help students relieve their stress on a weekend day, full of fun activities, while they still learn and develop skills.

This year we currently have the following classes:

Primary School

   -Art and Design


In ICT classes, students learn basic programming skills through games and fun activities.

In Art and Design classes, students develop creativity skills.


Secondary students have variety of classes during the year. Grade 10 and 11 students focus on SAT preparation and Grade 12 students work on their Internal Assessments and college applications. Specialist teachers organize extra classes for students who need extra help. There are also various CAS activities taking place throughout the year, and some ASPs and clubs like Robotics continue their activities on Saturdays as well.

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