HJIS Email


Horizon families are provided with HJIS email accounts to maintain effective communication between school and parents. Since HJIS email is based on Google Apps, parents have easy access to the documents shared on Google Drive. HJIS email address is the primary address in the school’s distribution list.


How to sign in to HJIS email accountI. Click on “Sign in to HJIS email” button above or type mail.horizon.ac.jp in your browsers address bar.

II. Sign in window supported by Google will appear as below


III. Type in your HJIS email address (including @horizon.ac.jp) and password.

IV. If you are redirected to your personal Gmail account instead of sign in window as shown at Step II, you will have to add your HJIS email account.


Please check: Sign in to multiple accounts at once

How to change the passwordPlease check: Change your Google Account password
How to forward an email to personal addressPlease check: Automatically forward emails to another account
How to use HJIS email on smart phones and tabletsGmail app for smartphones and tablets is recommended. https://www.google.com/mobile/gmail/

You also add HJIS email account to your smart phone or tablet’s mail application by choosing Gmail option from the list. In addition to Gmail App, Google Drive for smart phones and tablets allows you to view and edit documents and forms shared by HJIS.

Replying to the emails from HorizonIt is recommended that you use HJIS email address for communicating with school. However, you can reply to the messages with your personal email address that is registered in your forwarding list on HJIS email account.
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