Do you offer Japanese class?

We offer Japanese classes to Kindergarten students and up. Our students in Kindergarten receive a class once a week. For Primary, the students have Japanese class every day. For the students with Japanese as their native language (JNL), they will study with Japanese text books used in Japanese public schools according to the Japanese curriculum from Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. For those students whose native language is not Japanese (JAL), they will be taught according to their level in Japanese.

Are the means of communication with the school and the teachers done in English?

In general, all communications are in English. E-mails from teachers, communication notebook and letters from school are in English. Our bilingual staff will assist you if you need any support.

Is it possible to apply to Japanese high school?

Fundamentally, students are required to pass the test of Lower Secondary School Graduation Certificate in order to apply to a Japanese public high school. For Japanese private high school, our principal and the principal from the school that student is applying to need to have a consultation in order to have the qualification. It does not guarantee that the students can apply to any Japanese high school.

What is the ratio of the nationalities of the student?

Currently, 1/3 of the students have a foreign nationality, 1/3 have dual nationalities and 1/3 have a Japanese nationality. Our school is proud to be multicultural school.

Is it possible to enroll from April?

Yes. The admission procedure will take approximately a month. If you are planning to enroll from April, please submit the required documents by mid February. 

Both parents cannot speak English. Can my child enroll?

It is essential for at least one parent to be able to communicate in English since all letters from school are in English. We will determine whether the parents are efficient enough in English level or if they will need to require additional assistance in English during the Parents Interview.