Happy Friday

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April 25, 2019
Busy Week for the DP Students
May 10, 2019

Happy Friday

Happy Friday Horizon! 
I was lucky enough to finish my week by covering the dismissal time for Grade 3. As I entered the class, they were busy packing up and cleaning up. Students were following their Essential Agreements and Objectives for the day, one of which was to leave the classroom in good condition for their Monday return. 
As I let students depart one by one, each student told me one great thing they learned this week. I was happy to hear a variety of answers. Here is a sample of their great responses: 

– I learned what Key Concepts are in the PYP (new student)

– I learned how to diagram communication technologies

– I learned how to use persuasive words in my writing- I learned that a Kilometer has 1000 meters in it

– I learned that Mr. Aldridge’s son has 5 names! 

Such diverse knowledge is an excellent demonstration of the PYP curriculum. Good job Grade 3! 

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